Socrates Seminar Series

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Individuals, organizations, and nations all benefit when citizens exercise their faculty for clear thinking. Clear thinking leads to deep understanding and deep understanding leads to wise action. As with all skills, the skill of thinking well is refined through practice. The mission of the Citizen Philosopher Project is to provide a forum for our ascending citizenry to hone their critical thinking skills though friendly philosophical dialogue.

Engaging UVA
No one was a greater advocate of an educated citizenry than Thomas Jefferson. No one was a greater champion of engaging the citizenry in philosophical dialogue than Socrates. In the spirit of Jefferson and Socrates, the Citizen Philosopher Project is pleased to announce its second annual Socrates Seminar Series to be held near the University of Virginia. This 8 week series will be an introduction to philosophy taught in the Socratic style. The course is open to all UVA students and recent graduates. Space is limited and registration is required. To register, please use the contact form below.

Socrates Seminar Topics:
What it means to be a philosopher
Free will
Personal Identity
Morality and Ethics
What justifies the state?
The God question
What is art?
The meaning of life

Instructor: Steve Donaldson

Text: Philosophy, A Beginner's Guide by Peter Cave
(reading assignment for first meeting: PeterCaveIntro.pdf)

Times: Evenings from 7:00-8:30 starting mid June (exact dates to be determined).

Premed Tutoring Center
1980 Arlington Blvd, Ste. E
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(Next to the University Credit Union at Barracks Road Shopping Center)

Directions: (map)
The Premed Tutoring Center is next to the UVA Credit Union, across the street from Buffalo Wild Wings on Arlington Blvd. Buffalo Wild Wings is on the South end of Barracks Road Shopping Center. If coming by bus, take the UVA Northline Bus to the Barracks Road Shopping Center. The bus stop is right at Buffalo Wild Wings. My office is across the street from the bus stop and one building up from the Credit Union. For a map and photos to help you find the Premed Tutoring Center, click here.


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